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Using your Gifts and Part of a Mission Team

As I mentioned in my previous article when thinking about going on a mission trip it is really important to Mission Tripsfirst have the right heart and go for the right reasons and second go with the right people. After you figure that out what are some other reasons that you should go on a mission trip that are valid. Like I said before people go on mission trips for all kinds of good and wrong reasons but here are some things that I believe are good reasons besides being called by God and making a difference. I want to focus this post on using the gifts that God gave you.

You can use your gifts and experiences for the kingdom. If you are a nurse, teacher, businessman, sewer line replacement contractor, construction worker, house wholesaler, or even a layman using your study Bibles, you have something to offer the mission fields. We need nurses and dentists to go over to Third World countries and serve. Many of these people and children have never had the opportunity to be seen by a medical professional. This would be such a gift for them and would help immensely. We need people that actually know how to build a house go to Mexico Africa and help willing participants build not only a house but a home for a family to make memories in. We need teachers to give of themselves and go teach the broken of the broken and go to places where education is an extra privilege and cost a lot of money for families. We need every kind of person with every kind of gift to serve in this way. The Bible is very clear that we are the body of Christ and each one of us has a particular function. You might think, what am I going to do and what do I have to offer. You might be thinking, I have no special skill. I’m not a doctor. I am not a teacher. I’m not creative. Maybe you you’re so terrified of speaking that you wouldn’t even be able to lead a vacation Bible school so why should you go on a mission trip to Africa are India. I will tell you why. It is not you that they need,it is Jesus and you are not going alone you are going with the Holy Spirit inside of you and God is who gives the strength and it is God who gave you your gifts in the first place. So to say that you have nothing to offer is to say that you don’t believe in the strength of God. God gives you the power to do everything that you do in this world and he can give you the strength to go on a mission trip. What these people need is love and every single person that has Jesus inside of them has this gift to give. You have love to give, so give it.

When you start your mission trip with the confidence of Christ you will be surprise by how the Lord uses your gifts. You might see something in yourself that you never saw before. You might discover new gifts you didn’t even know that you had. Don’t hold back. Let your team see who you really are. Don’t be afraid of leading and using your gifts. If you can sing, sing unto the Lord in Africa. If you can play a little guitar, play a little guitar because the children don’t care what it sounds like. The children love having visitors and they love hearing about America. They love to sign, dance and celebrate. If you like taking pictures, take pictures of the children. They love seeing pictures of themselves. There are so many ways to serve on a mission team and it takes all kinds of people to do it.

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