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Showing an Example of Service to our Children

Something to consider when thinking about a mission trip is the example you are giving to your own children, coworkers, and family members. Are you showing them and leading them through the example of Mission Kidsservice. Jesus came to this earth and served us by dying on the cross. He did not come to brag about His miracles He came as a servant and He calls us to follow him by serving. This is the greatest gift we can give our children, to teach them that they have a place in this world to do the work of Jesus. In a crazy world of Facebook, overly violent video games and social media that lures innocent girls into doing horrible things we can make a difference. We can show that the world is not too broken that we have not gone too far away from God’s will. We can show that we still love each other and that we can still have empathy for a stranger and offer a piece of bread to a hungry women.

When you serve through missions you are showing your children the beauty of life. You are offering them another way. Our children are watching everything that we do and if we live for ourselves and our own businesses and are only concerned with making money, what kind of children are we going to raise. If our children only see us living for ourselves they are going to grown-up and live for themselves as well. They are going to miss out on the greatest opportunity to be a part of the team serving the Lord. You hear this from so many and you will hear it from me, going on a mission trip isn’t just about helping the people you’re serving it is about what the Lord does inside of you. If you do not stand up and go first, you are going to deny your child the opportunity as well because children do what their parents do. And if their parents spend 24 hours a day on the phone making deals they’re probably going to grow up doing the same. You can be surrounded by people all day and have no relationships. Missions is about serving the Lord to relationships. It is not wise to go to a third world country by yourself. You go with a team, it’s the relationship that Christians have with one another that draw others in, its the love that we have from one another that other people get to see. So if you are going on a mission trip for the right heart also think about how you are leading through example to the loved ones in your life.


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